Meadows Mall

4300 Meadows Lane

Las Vegas, NV 89107



In the Northwest parking lot across from JC Penney’s
(Special Events Area)




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The Asylum

The Asylum began life as The Meadview Health Sanctuary in the late 1800’s. Once a cutting edge facility like the Kellogg facilities of Michigan, its purpose was to foster good health through controlled diet, exercise and regulated purging of the intestinal tract. As its theories on health fell from social prominence, the facility declined into disuse.

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The Feoray family emigrated from Europe where they owned and operated an inn. When Jonathon Feoray came to the states as a young man, he brought with him the knowledge and experience of the family business. He worked at several hotels and inns as he traveled across the country…little did he know his travels would end in his own peril.

Hotel Fear
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I have been trying to get my wife to go to Vegas for years. Finally she read an article about the Asylum and Hotel Fear and said if I take to your Las Vegas haunted house we could go to Vegas!! Well we came and had a BLAST! She liked Las Vegas and LOVED the haunts. She said we can come back to Las Vegas next, but only if I take her back to the Asylum!! Thanks for finally getting me to Vegas!

Chuck D.


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